About Jessie

Flag brass

Sometimes it takes tragedy to spur a person into action, encouraging them to speak their mind. As a widow of a member of the US Special Forces, I have a unique perspective on the world around us. I know what it is like to move from place to place, and have my husband deployed, not knowing where he is. However, that knock on the door telling me that he was never coming home is something that I will never forget.

To protect the ones I love, my broadcasts are released under a pseudonym. I will not divulge where I live, or who I know. While I am college educated, I cannot and will not tell you from where or when. Only information that is publicly available will be discuss, primarily from news sources — the common and the not-so-common. If you are willing to listen, I will tell you how I see it, and I will not pull my punches.

You may call me Jessica Carol Sanders or Jessie for short.