Trumps policies are used to justify vandalism

January 20th came and went and the sun still rose on the 21st. The United States of America has a new president. This is a fact, I don’t care if you didn’t vote for Donald Trump if you are a citizen of this country your President is Donald J Trump.

There were violent protests across the country and the election of Donald J Trump is being used to justify breaking windows on private businesses. How does smashing windows really get your point across that you didn’t vote for the leader of our country?

No seriously I want someone to explain this to me. How does vandalizing the private property of someone you probably don’t even know make this point clear?

This is right up there with the incident in Ferguson. How does burning down buildings and looting business in your neighborhood solve anything?

Then there was the social media outrage over the fact that the White House web site changed drastically. Hint this is not news. I happens every time there is a new president. The old press briefings and policies that Barrack Obama wanted are not the same as the new president and they have been archived so they can be referenced in the future. Hint Obama actually said this was going to happen.

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